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Hello! I’m Teresa

A speaker and trainer who specializes in mindset and personal development.

My core philosophy of life is this: One of the greatest gifts you gave is your potential, one of the greatest gifts you can give is to fulfill it.

Mindset isn’t’ about what’s happened in the past, it’s about managing the present and creating the future!

My Expertise


Have you ever wondered why some people move forward in life – school, career etc and you feel stuck?  Does it ever seem like no one is listening to you – your family, your employer, your coach?  Well, maybe they’re not, because while you may be communicating, perhaps you’re not connecting.  It’s a skill anyone can learn.  Want to learn how? Click HERE!  

Influence – Self-Leadership

“You must know yourself in order to grow yourself.” – John Maxwell

Leadership is not a title.  Most leadership training is focused on leadership competencies and responsibilities, but they do not cover the most essential core part of leadership, the ability to lead within. And it starts with self-awarenss and limiting beliefs.  Explore more HERE


Success. Happiness. Enjoyment of life. Health. Strong relationships. It all begins with our thoughts and beliefs. Our beliefs drive our behavior, which drives our actions and finally our results. 

Want a different result?  Start with your shifting your paradigms of thought around your current beliefs. Click HERE to learn how!


My Approach

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